Ultimate New Wave Evolution (& closely related styles) part 8

For this set, I have delved into the Pop Rock side of the New Wave spectrum–big drum sounds, grating and gleamy guitars, synthesizer washes, keyboard melodies, and soaring soulful vocal styling.

These albums contain some of the genre’s radio staples in the late ’80s.

*Mr. Mister – Welcome to the Real World (1985) (“Broken Wings”)
*Scarlett & Black – Scarlett & Black (1987) (“You Don’t Know”)
*Go West – Go West (1985) (“Call Me”)
*The Stranglers – Dreamtime (1986) (“Always the Sun”)
*Cutting Crew – Broadcast (1986) (“One for the Mockingbird”)
*Icehouse – Man of Colours (1987) (“Electric Blue”)
*Easterhouse – Waiting for the Redbird (1989) (“Come Out Fighting”)
*1927 – …ish (1988) (“That’s When I Think of You”)