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Gemma Dalayoan
A gemma now a Gemma

by Gemma Dalayoan

Adonis Fernandez
Alam Mo Ba Na...?

by Adonis Fernandez

Ron Cantiveros
All About Tech

by Ron Cantiveros

Eric Labaupa
Angler Management

by Eric Labaupa

Levy Abad
Anong Masasabi Mo?

by Levy Abad

Tony and Letty Antonio
As We Live By

by Tony and Letty Antonio

Perry Diaz
Balitang Kutsero

by Perry Diaz

Kris Ontong
Barangay Manitoba

by Kris Ontong

Ron Cantiveros
Buko Pie

by Ron Cantiveros

Terry Robert
Business Eclectic

by Terry Robert

Ron Cantiveros
Canadian Pie

by Ron Cantiveros

Dr. Eusebio Koh

by Dr. Eusebio Koh

Joan Duhaylungsod
Far from Quiet

by Joan Duhaylungsod

Nenette Alexandria Mayor
Filipino Parent

by Nenette Alexandria Mayor

Mike Pagtakhan
From the Desk of Mike Pagtakhan

by Mike Pagtakhan

Junie Josue
Higher Life

by Junie Josue

Danilo Donor
Journal of Philippine Revolution

by Danilo Donor

Dr. Rey Pagtakhan
Medisina at Politika

by Dr. Rey Pagtakhan

Ron Cantiveros
My Ride

by Ron Cantiveros

Perry Diaz

by Perry Diaz

Bob Gabuna

by Bob Gabuna

Tia Provici
Provici Cosmetics

by Tia Provici

Jackie Doming
Put a Ring On It

by Jackie Doming

aLfie vera meLLa
Sa Bawat Pahina ng Literatura

by aLfie vera meLLa

aLfie vera meLLa
Sa Madaling Salita

by aLfie vera meLLa

aLfie vera meLLa
Sa Pag-ihip sa Dahon ng kahapon

by aLfie vera meLLa

aLfie vera meLLa
Sa Ugoy ng Musika

by aLfie vera meLLa

Lucille Nolasco

by Lucille Nolasco

Derick Ramos
Straight Right Report

by Derick Ramos

Rod Cantiveros
The Republic of Adobo

by Rod Cantiveros

Big Marv
The Weigh In

by Big Marv

Gem and Lita

by Gem and Lita

Max Sangil
Trending Max

by Max Sangil

Reis Pagtakhan
Untangling the Law

by Reis Pagtakhan