Sulat Kamay ‘Adopt A Hydrant’ Kid’s Edition

204 Neighbourhood Watch Inc. volunteers. Photo courtesy: Leila Castro

By Leila Castro

If caring for the community is a virus, then these four kids are super spreaders. Dozens of people emulated what the kids – Mikayla Redublo, Camilo Redublo, Javier Redublo and Alexis Redublo, have been doing. Last month, these kids started the Sulat Kamay “Adopt A Hydrant” kid’s edition, in response to Headingly Fire Department’s call for the community’s help. The kids look for fire hydrants that are buried in deep snow, and they use their shovels to dig out. To date, they have cleared 13 fire hydrants. The story of what they do reached the people of Winnipeg, where the 204 Neighbourhood Watch Inc. volunteers were among those inspired.

In a safe walk at Tyndall Park, the 204NW volunteers joined by MLA for Tyndall Park Ms. Cindy Lamoureux, cleared the snow from three fire hydrants. They timed it, with four people shovelling, it took at least 3 minutes to break the solid ice that had enveloped a fire hydrant, before the water outlet was exposed. If there is a property fire, a lot of damage and harm will be prevented if there will be no delay to get the water flowing from said outlet.

More and more people are heeding the call. Lately, Kyle Villordon, Prince Elomina, Maureen Sy, Uno Navea, the Tek De Leon & Kids, Adam Aguinaldo & Family, Mr. Denny Nangan, and Cynthia Ocampo & Family, have joined the bandwagon. Salute to these selfless people!