Ultimate New Wave Evolution (& closely related styles) part 11

Previously, I featured albums classifiable under the so-called Gothic subgenre of the New Wave spectrum. Now, here is another set of the same Goth/Dark/Ethereal Wave species, to make the ambience chilly and gloomy.

l-r Members Edson Gomez, Regan Aranzanso, Anthony Magcawas

Gothic Wave music is characterized by heavily flanged guitars, synth masks and veils, tubular basslines, and wailing or icy vocals that paint the otherwise deadpan night.
* Tones on Tail – Night Music (1987) (“Lions”)
* Gene Loves Jezebel – Promise (1983) (“Psychological Problems”)
*The Glove – Blue Sunshine (1983) (“Like an Animal”)
* Clan of Xymox – Clan of Xymox (1985) (“A Day”)
* Depeche Mode – Black Celebration (1986) (“Stripped”)
* Camouflage – Voices & Images (1988) (“The Great Commandment”)
* Bauhaus – Burning from the Inside (1983) (“She’s in Parties”)
* Cocteau Twins – Treasure (1984) (“Lorelie”)