May 9th Philippine Election: All Smoke And Mirrors!

Philippine democracy needs to recalibrate!

Too obvious to consider that the 2022 Philippine election is all “smoke and mirrors” as two leading presidential candidates, Vice President Leni Robredo and the son of former Philippine dictator, Bongbong Marcos are running neck to neck in popularity as political supporters have been taking part in a mob-like rally punctuated by celebrities belting songs to attract more crowds as die-hard supporters which have been the best narratives of a blurred image of truth as pure narrative deception and confusion.

Buried beneath the Robredo and Marcos’ popularity are the three other presidential candidates who have been working hard to bring across the best intentions for the country, peopled by more than 30%of victims of financial inequity. But the voices of the truth of Mayor of Manila Isko Moreno Domagoso, Senator Pampilo Lacson, and Senator Manny Pacquiao are also blurred and distorted as the mass media have been dominated by the propagandists of the two major contenders, barking so much support on the front pages of some of the daily newspapers, giving us confusion if these are propaganda items or genuine narrative for the two leading presidential candidates.

Competition of mob-like audience of Leni and Marcos is too fierce, accusing each camp of the “hakot” and “paid” volunteers, and to top them all, superstar celebrities graced the rally as a potent bait to get more audience leading to compare how big or small rally held in various cities and towns.

Leni, leading in some polls and internet searches, is using pink for love for her countrymen but outside her camp, loud voices that Leni is a real “dilawan”, meaning that she has still the trails of the Aquino’s legacy. That Leni might be another former President Cory Aquino. Added to the confusion of being an independent candidate when Kiko Pangilinan, the leader of the Liberal Party became her running mate. More “dilawan” is the Leni-Kiko tandem as opposition has claimed.

And as a vice-president, Leni Robredo manages to fulfill her duty as an outsider from the populist President Rodrigo Roa Duterte. Duterte and Leni’s relationship is just like water and oil.

And Bongbong Marcos, also leading in some polls, is bombarded with accusations: “Kung ano ang puno, siya ang bunga”. ( What the tree plant is, the fruit is the same.) That being the son of the infamous dictator, Bongbong would follow what his father had done when he proclaimed Martial Law in 1972.

But how come the nightmares of Martial Law seemed blurred and lots of confusion to the young voters. As Antonio La Vina, former dean of the Ateneo School of Government, in the article in the Time Magazine, writes: “The educational system did not teach the Martial Law properly, historically- that means that the voters born after 1986 can be easily convinced that all of that was not true or at the very least it is not important, with more than half of voters age 18 and 41, the effect is significant.”

Added to the confusion is the role of the populist President Duterte’s daughter, Sarah Duterte who is the running mate of Bongbong. Duterte voices his bad crap against Bongbong Marcos. It seems that he is loyal to her daughter, Sarah to become the next Vice-President!

And what if, I mean, What if Leni Robredo becomes the 17th President of the Republic of the Philippines; and Mayor Sarah wins the vice-presidential trophy, then, another political failure for the next 6 years?

Hollysmokes, the repetition in reverse for the next 6 years: Robredo, as president; and Sarah Duterte, as vice-president.

This reality is another smoke and mirrors in the Philippine Politics, and for God’s sake, please recalibrate democracy in my beloved native country, the Philippines.