Not All Good Fruits Get Contaminated by Rotten Ones

(On the Strength of Character)

As one metaphor claims, “Put one good fruit beside several rotten ones and the infection will eat away at the good fruit.”
Yes, that is true for literal fruits. That’s how helpless fruits can be when contaminated or infected by molds or bacteria.

However, when it comes to humans, that metaphor does not apply all the time.

While many humans can easily get affected by bad influences, turning them into bad ones over time; there are individuals who have a strong sense of disposition that no matter how hard bad people try to lure them and influence them, they remain firm with their sense of self and principles.

Metaphors are often just metaphors. They don’t apply to real-life situations all the time.

Sa Madaling Salita
Hindi lahat ng tao ay basta-basta na lang naiimplwensiyahan ng kasamaan ng iba. May mga indibidwal na malakas ang karakter at matibay ang paninnindigan sa sarili. Hindi sila basta-basta natitinag. Hindi madaling mauto o maloko ng kapwa.