Philippine Midterm election validates the relevancy of President Duterte’s presidency

Philippine Midterm election validates the relevancy of President Duterte’s presidency

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte is the real winner, after the mid-term election as a “de facto” referendum for his presidency, making himself more popular by outshining most of his opposition. Most of the successful senatorial candidates under his helm are in top eleven slot, outlasting the so-called Liberal Party’s “Otso Diretso was fully annihilated by the popularity of Duterte.

Being the most contentious election, many political parties, with sixty-two senatorial hopefuls, have to wage war against black propaganda to win the war of words and money, aimed at Duterte’s favoured senatorial candidates. Fear of the Duterte’s control of the senate, as claimed by his opposition and the critics, to pursue his many plans to eradicate drugs, tone down corruption, alleviate the decades of financial inequity and poverty; and for the most of what Duterte’s plan to change the form of the government from a unitary system to a federal system.

“Nothing will change if Federalism is not introduced,” Duterte said in one of his briefings with the media.”We will not move forward, we will be doomed.”
For Duterte, to effect the change, and to cure the dysfunctional governance, Federalism is the answer as he prided himself that the Federalism planned for the Philippines is inspired by the Canadian federalism, for growth. But many critics, including the major media, have mobilized their arsenals to stop the introduction of Federalism, which, can only be obtained is to change the 1986 constitution which mandated a backward approach for the future.

“The 1986 Constitution is the single stumbling block and this must be changed to enhance and sustain the economic growth. Added to his opponents’ arsenal, he is accused of selling the Philippines to China, as other vocal media exponential claims, that the Philippine will become one of the provinces of China.

As the positive result of the mid-term election, President Duterte has another three years to make some drastic changes and the only way to more effective and efficient in governing the country is the probably imposition of the revolutionalry government.effectivley Duterte has now the majority in the senate to mobilize the many changes in the government thru a charter change, more wars on drugs and corruption and to top them all, the give every Filipino a decent way of living.

And would this three remaining years of his presidency, opposition and critics claimed that after the Federalism is adopted, his term will be extended because of the change of the Constitution,making the current president as the prime minister. Thus,Duterte will be empower after his 6 terms.

“Ayaw ko, pagod na ako! (I do not like anymore, i’m tired already.), Duterte said.

The top 12 winning senatorial candidates based on the partial returns include Cynthia Villar, Grace Poe, Bong Go, Pia Cayetano, Bato dela Rosa, Sonny Angara, Lito Lapid, Imee Marcos, Francis Tolentino, Bong Revilla, Koko Pimental and Nancy Binay.

Duterte’s power to change the country for a better one begins finally after eliminating those who have been blocking his vision for the country. And of course, political mudslinging from his critics and oppositions begins!