Click on That Remote Control!

(Some More Recommended Films)

Mula nang magsimula ang pandemya at napakaraming tao ang nawalan ng trabaho o di kaya ay dinala sa bahay ang trabaho, marami ang nahilig bigla sa panonood ng mga peikula o iba pang palabas na maaaring makita sa Netflix at iba pang media platforms.

Here are some of what I’ve seen that you might find interesting.

*New Amsterdam* (2018-present)
A hospital-based drama series similar to the theme of Grey’s Anatomy and The Good Doctor, New Amsterdam follows the unconventional work approach and personal struggles of the show’s main characters led by the hospital’s newly hired medical director, Dr. Max Goodwin. The series is packed with heartrending interpersonal relationship dynamics and, of course, fast-paced medical-oriented action. Educational and emotional.

*Moxie* (2021)
A teen-oriented school drama that involves the main protagonist Lisa’s starting a feminism-oriented activism at her school to rebel against the male-dominated culture of their academic institution. Not only for the young but also for parents who want to be in the know of what scary discrimination that their children might be experiencing at their respective schools. Insightful and inspiring.

*Mortal Engines* (2018)
Set in a post-apocalyptic world that has a Mad Max vibes, Mortal Engines features a battle between moving cities that thrive on anything technological and machine-powered. It belongs to the league of Science Fiction films that include In Time (2011, starring Justine Timberlake), Elysium (2013, Matt Damon), and Alita: Battle Angel (2019, Rosa Salazar).

The Last Leaf
These are just three of the countless films and series that you may watch during your relaxing hours at home. With just a few clicks on the remote control, different stories and worlds become momentary realities that can take your mind off the tiring days at work.