Childhood Fairytale Becomes Reality

Northern Lights dance across the skies above Manitoba

The Aurora Chasers were out in full force in the last two weeks as Mother Nature put on a magical light show.
Many of the photos shared by Filipino Journal readers experiencing watching the Aurora Borealis, or “Northern Lights” for the first time. Thank you for the photo submissions that came from all across Manitoba including Morden, Swan Lake and Winnipeg.

By Riel Laus, Morden, Manitoba
As a child growing up in the Philippines, Riel Laus shared that his father told him a story about the Northern Lights. His father said that the lights came from Eskimos using their flashlights at night. That childhood fairy tale became a real-life experience in March as Riel and his family stared up to gaze at the Northern Lights in Morden, Manitoba. As a photographer new to chasing Aurora’s, his advice is simple, “all we need is just a little patience” as he will continue to chase the Northern Lights in the future.