Drive By Aurora “God’s Amazing Creation”

Northern Lights dance across the skies above Manitoba

The Aurora Chasers were out in full force in the last two weeks as Mother Nature put on a magical light show.

Many of the photos shared by Filipino Journal readers experiencing watching the Aurora Borealis, or “Northern Lights” for the first time. Thank you for the photo submissions that came from all across Manitoba including Morden, Swan Lake and Winnipeg.

By Christian and Trini Ramos, Swan River, Manitoba
Driving along the Trans Canada Highway near Gladstone, Manitoba, Christian and Trini Ramos pulled over to the side of the road as they noticed a grey streak of lines in the clouds. Then all of sudden, BOOM! The wonderous, amazing Aurora Borealis lit up the sky. This was Christian and Trini’s first time experiencing the Northern Lights. Christian and Trini also share their travels in Canada on YouTube featuring daily life in Canada and featuring Filipino restaurants. Follow them Chatri Juanderers on YouTube.