Ultimate New Wave Evolution (& closely related styles) part 37

This set consists of albums by offshoots of high-profile pioneers associated with the genre.

Arcadia and The Power Station were almost the two separate halves of Duran Duran–Simon LeBon, Nick Rhodes, and Roger Taylor in the former; and Andy Taylor and John Taylor, in the latter. Love & Rockets was the trio of Daniel Ash, David J, and Kevin Haskins of Bauhaus.

After he was asked to leave The Cure in 1989, keyboardist Lol Tolhurst formed Presence. When O.M.D. split up in the same year, Paul Humphreys, Malcolm Holmes, and Martin Cooper founded The Listening Pool.

Caught amidst the Grunge explosion in the advent of the 1990s, Ian McCulloch and Will Sargeant of Echo & the Bunnymen fuzzed their guitars up and started Electrafixion.
Soon after the breakup of The Cult in 1995, vocalist Ian Astbury formed Holy Barbarians. In the aftermath of The Pale Fountains’ dissolution in 1986, the brothers Mick and John Head emerged with a new band, named Shack.

* Arcadia – So Red the Rose (1985) (“Goodbye Is Forever”)
* The Power Station – The Power Station (1985) (“Some Like It Hot”)
* Love & Rockets – Earth, Sun, Moon (1987) (“Lazy”)
* Presence – Inside (1993) (“Act of Faith”)
* The Listening Pool – Still Life (1994) (“Oil for the Lamps of China”)
* Electrafixion – Burned (1995) (“Who’s Been Sleeping in My Head?”)
* Holy Barbarians – Cream (1996) (“You Are There”)
* Shack – H.M.S. Fable (1999) (“Natalie’s Party”)