That’s a Wrap – Filipino Day at the Ex

Cher & Sound Check Music

Filipino Day at the Red River Exhibition was a smashing success, filled with incredible performances and joyous celebrations. Emcee Tiffany Ponce led the day with boundless energy and enthusiasm, ensuring the event was memorable for all attendees.

“I may have had a LITTLE bit of fun emceeing Filipino Day at the Red River Ex for 10 hours straight!! Plus performing my own 45-minute set!” Tiffany shared on her Facebook post. Her vibrant personality and engaging presence kept the crowd entertained throughout the day.

The lineup of performances was nothing short of spectacular. Highlights included the soulful melodies of Mystrio, the dynamic beats of Sound Check Music, and the captivating performance by YZZA. Each act brought their unique flair to the stage, making for a diverse and entertaining program. Tiffany gave a special shoutout to YZZA Band, showcasing clips from their performance and expressing her gratitude to all the performers: “Thank you to ALL of the amazing performers for sharing your incredible talent – it was so much fun pouring love on all of you all day long and giving you the recognition that you so deserve!”

Photos by Rod Cantiveros and Tiffany Ponce

Filipino Day Family

Filipino Heritage Performing Group