Sarah Geronimo Opens Up About Alleged Rift with G-Force Choreographer

Georcelle Dapat-Sy, Sarah Geronimo. Image: Instagram/@teachergeorcelle, Instagram/@justsarahgph

Popular Royalty Sarah Geronimo recently addressed the rumors surrounding her alleged conflict with renowned G-Force choreographer Georcelle Dapat-Sy. Breaking her silence during an interview at a brand launch, Sarah expressed her feelings about missing Georcelle and the G-Force during her recent 20th-anniversary concert.

Sarah revealed, “They have been a significant part of my career. It would have been more magical if they were there.” Reflecting on their absence, she added, “I wanted them to be there to celebrate my 20 years with me… I might have shed a tear.”

Prior to Sarah’s statement, Georcelle had praised the singer for her directing and performance skills in the concert. Speaking to ABS-CBN News, she stated, “It’s also like giving her creative freedom. We have worked together for sixteen years, almost like a love team.” However, Georcelle acknowledged the challenges they faced in their “professional split” with Sarah.

“The bond we shared for sixteen years is undeniable. Am I hurting? Yes, more than hurting,” Georcelle shared candidly. Despite the difficulties, her focus is on uplifting and guiding others to maintain a higher vibration, especially in the face of negativity on social media. She emphasized the need to respect the artistry of dancers and the decision she made to protect their craft and the dance industry.

For now, supporters of Sarah and Georcelle can hope that their shared history and mutual respect will pave the way for healing and continued success in their respective careers.