Ruru Madrid thought of proposing to Bianca in Paris

Photo/s: @Rurumadrid8 on Instagram

Kapuso actor Ruru Madrid still has jet lag as he faced PEP recently for an interview.

Ruru arrived from Europe last week for the finale taping of the GMA-7 primetime series The Write One.

According to Ruru, he and his girlfriend Bianca Umali had a great time on their vacation in Europe. They shot the ending of The Write One in Paris, France, which was the perfect location for important scenes.

After the taping, they continued their vacation, and their visit to the Eiffel Tower was very memorable. They initially went during the day but wanted to witness the tower’s illumination at night.

Impressed by the beauty of the Eiffel Tower, Ruru thought it would be a great place to propose.

“Actually, it crossed my mind. But I said everything has its perfect timing. Both Bianca and I are still young, and we have many priorities right now. We both work. We’re very passionate when it comes to our craft. There’s perfect timing for those things,” Ruru expressed.

According to Ruru, he and Bianca have agreed to travel again. During their recent vacation, he witnessed how caring his girlfriend is.

“I saw how caring she is, how loving she is. Not just to me, but to everyone around her. That’s the kind of person she is. It’s like when her friends ask her, they call her ‘Tita’ because she’s very nurturing. She’s the one who cooks, cleans up after meals, everything. But of course, I also want to help because it would be embarrassing for her. She also taught me how to take care of myself,” Ruru said.

Their project, The Write One, is not yet finished, but Ruru already has two new teleseryes lined up, including Part 2 of his hit series, Lolong.
He also has upcoming films that will test his marketability as an actor with a paying audience.