Robo Ignites Hockey Dreams

NHL Dallas Stars forward Jason Robertson revisited Winnipeg, marking a year since the groundbreaking of 2022 Filipino Heritage Night in November. This special meet and greet offered a unique chance for ‘Robo’ to engage with budding Filipino hockey stars, fostering connections through initiatives like First Shift (Apna Hockey, Bauer, and NHL) and the Jets Hockey Development camps.

Meet and Greet with NHL Dallas Stars’ Jason Robertson

Empowering Filipino Youth in Hockey

In a heartening display of sportsmanship and community engagement, NHL Dallas Stars forward Jason Robertson recently hosted a meet and greet with young Filipino hockey players and their parents, igniting a wave of enthusiasm for hockey among the small intimate group at Canada Life Centre. This event aimed to make hockey more accessible to diverse communities, particularly Filipino youth.

Robertson, who has Filipino heritage himself, shared personal anecdotes and professional insights, inspiring the attendees with his journey in the sport. His engaging discussions about the importance of dedication, family support, and enjoying the game resonated deeply with both the children and their parents, fostering a sense of belonging and motivation in the sport.

To the young players, he advised, “Have fun, work hard, and trust your family and friends. Don’t let anyone bring you down. Just keep working through it.”

To the parents, he emphasized, “the biggest thing is to be super supportive. My parents got heavily involved. It’s a big commitment and I wouldn’t be here without them.”

The First Shift program’s commitment to providing a friendly and fun environment for learning hockey aligns with Robertson’s advocacy for the sport as an inclusive and enjoyable activity. His involvement served as a powerful endorsement for the initiative, emphasizing its importance in nurturing the next generation of hockey players.

The post-game meet and greet also commemorated the 2022 Inaugural Filipino Heritage Night, a landmark occasion that kickstarted various Filipino youth hockey initiatives. This special night was not only a celebration of culture but also a catalyst for greater involvement of the Filipino community in hockey. The Heritage Night’s success paved the way for more inclusive and diverse participation in the sport, something that was evident in the enthusiasm of the young players and their families at the meet and greet.

Jason Robertson’s meet and greet was more than just an interaction with a sports star; it was a cornerstone event in promoting hockey among Filipino youth. It underscored the importance of representation in sports and highlighted how events like the Filipino Heritage Night have already created lasting impacts on community engagement in sports. Robertson has become a beacon of hope and inspiration for many young aspiring athletes, demonstrating that with passion, hard work, and community support, anything is possible in the world of sports.

Photos by Mike Macaraeg | Filipino Journal