PBA Winnipeg opens on October 20

Starts at 9am and games immediately after the parade! Venues are Maples Collegiate and Garden City Collegiate. Come down and Cheer on your teams!
Club teams participating!

Youth division
Winnipeg Alliance, Northern Grizzlies-Winnipeg, Manitoba Magic, WSSC, Winnipeg Blizzards, Triumph, Crossover, Wolves, Transcona Titans, Winnipeg Spirit

Adult divisions:
Blizzards, Word of Mouth, MJ Courier ,Refresh I, Evening Shift, Wolverines, UMAC Express Cargo, Refresh II, Taylors, Burnout Vape Shop/Bomex, Triple a Fence Crew, Vickar / Joelan Mendoza, Richmond, Pulang Dugo, Confidence Apparel, Bossingerz Katrina Mendoza, DNA Loading, Eastern Chrysler/Paul Paredes, Vickar Nissan, Dale Garrido, L2g Dance Live, Money Ball, Jen Valera Lopez, Roots, Mar Sisig’s, Voyage Health Care Services Seniors/Jeff Manlapig , Flight , Knights One, Richmond Seniors, SL100, Blue Lake Construction I, Munoz Silk Screen Printing, Ricky Alcera, Jackie@ Century 21, Moxies, Renegades, Amg Granite, Broadstreet Properties, Salad Master, Creamela, Greatway Financial, Ginno Automobile, Famb, Pan De Cretos, Team Palapuz, Blue Lake Construction II, Voyage Health Care Services /Jeff Manlapig, Elden Anglers, Ferd Santos, Loralee, Tri M Windows, Rheinzel Auto, Elden Salad Master, Munoz Ballerz, Barangay Winnipeg, James Mariano, Aldo Taylors, Friends, Flyers, Rick Del Monte, and PBA Cagers….ladies open is pending until January…lots of basketball

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