Are you ready to vote on October 21, Tuesday?

Are you ready to vote on October 21, Tuesday?

One of the privileges of being a Canadian is to participate in electing those candidates who are seeking to serve the country in general and to their constituency in particular,is to balance and weigh the impact of the various political issues affecting our lives in Canada.

To vote is a legal right, and your chance to elect or re-elect a candidate whom you know will serve and work for the interest of public, as a member of the Parliament in Ottawa.

Voting, in the strict sense of civic responsibility is your gesture to be a part of this unique democratic process.

I’ve been a volunteer for the door-to-door campaign and a phone caller during the civic, provincial and federal elections. And for many decades, I have had exposed myself to explain why you have to vote for this candidate. And why your vote is very important.

These are what some “non-voters” or those who do not want to vote say, “ Sorry, I’m too busy and I do not have time to vote. Anyway, my vote does not matter. Same people will be elected.” And from some of our kababayans, “May overtime ako, babayaran ba ng kandidato mo ang per oras ko?” Another reason: “ I’m baby sitting, I can’t leave, next time I will try.” One old man told me: “All candidates are the same, all of them get big salaries.

Me, what do I get, minimum wage? I do not want to contribute to their inefficiency.” And I did laugh when a senior told me: “Iho, I do not want to miss the teleserye!” And the worst: “Even without my vote, same people win.” One time, I went to an apartment and the man told me: “Look, I came from a corrupt country, and did vote for many elections, what happened? More corruptions. No good to vote.” I said: “This is Canada and this country is different from yours.” Firmed and decided: “Sorry, I will not vote.”

Voting takes little time and at the same time, you share your voice in the secret ballot. And thru the ages, many inspiring quotations were written to give the voters an inspiration to exercise their legal rights to vote, and I do hope that the following inspiring voting quotations will serve as a push or an act to enjoy few minutes of glory as a concerned citizen who will take part in his or her own choice to be counted.

Here are some inspiring quotations for you to vote: John Ensign writes: “I believe that voting is the final act of building a community as well as building a country.” And one must be challenged by what John F. Kennedy once said, “The ignorance of one voter in a democracy impairs the security of all.” This is a mouthful wisdom by Jens Stoltenberg: “By voting, we add our voices to the chorus that forms opinions and the basis for actions.” Watch what Abraham Lincoln emphasizes: “The ballot is stronger than a bullet.” And take this seriously, what George Carlin writes: “If you don’t vote, you lose your right to complain.”

And what does Roald Dahl mean when he wrote: “Somewhere inside of all of us is the power to change the world.” So powerful, Indeed! How about Charles M. Blow said: “Voter apathy is a civic abdication!” Naomi Klein writes: “Democracy is not just the right to vote, it is the right to live in dignity.” Right on, Ms. Klein. And how about what Joseph J. Haeggquist wants to point out when he said: “Ten men will control ten thousand who choose to remain silent.” So powerful for it strikes our weakness just to be standby and unwilling to be a part of the action: to vote! And by general understanding the role of a voter, Abraham Lincoln says: “Election belongs to the people!”

Added to these inspiring quotations to vote is what Loung Ung says: “Voting is not only our right, it is our power!” And from me: “ Voting is like throwing a pebble on a quiet river, giving you the countless ripples of silent voices.”

And again, are you ready to vote on Tuesday, October 21? Are you ready to be a part of community building as well as building a country for you and for your children’s children? Are you ready to be a part of the majority to voice your own opinion in a ballot box?