Helping people through ANCOP: a lifetime commitment!

Helping people through ANCOP: a lifetime commitment!

by Cindy Lamoureux

ANCOP has always been a big part of my life and their events are something I look forward to attending throughout the year.

This past weekend I have the honour in being able to participate in the annual walk. This recent experience had me reflecting upon my most recent trip to the Philippines where I had the opportunity to join the Canadian-Philippine Friendship group through a series of meetings including the Philippine Commission on Women, Overseas Workers Welfare Administration, Department of Foreign Affairs and The Canadian Embassy.

These were all incredible experience, however, what made this trip extra special for me was ANCOP.

One early morning in Manila, my father and I were picked up and brought to Paranaque City. This is a community where homes were constructed using all sorts of everyday items found along a polluted waterway. As we walked we saw on one side, the slums, I have included a couple of photos. It was truly eye opening and heart breaking. On the other side we saw the new development in which ANCOP International contributed towards building. This was the shining light that the people in a slum community desperately needed.

This really provided me with some prespective, seeing how the money raised from the many ANCOP Members in Canada is being put to use in such a substantial way that is in no doubt of my mind making a world of a difference.

Another really memorable for me were the children I had the opportunity to interact with. It is a universal fact that children need to be loved and I can confidently say that no matter where we were (the old slums or the new developments), children were evidently surrounded by wonderful people who express their love daily.