Want to explore and to discover the 110,000 lakes in Manitoba especially the Pekwaschnamaykoskwaskwaypinwanik Lake? God’s Lake or Lonely Lake?

Want to explore and to discover the  110,000 lakes in Manitoba especially the Pekwaschnamaykoskwaskwaypinwanik Lake?  God’s Lake or Lonely Lake?

How far is Peckwaschnamaykoskwaskwaypinwanik Lake? Or the Ghost Lakes? Many lakes to honor the war heroes of Manitoba with commemorative names like Vandekerchkhove Lake? And Chipil Lake? Or what will you do at Stupid Lake? Or a silent prayer at God’s Lake? And be alone at Lonely Lake? And to tee at Caddy’s Lake? How about Toews Lake, to honor Jonathan Teows, the current Manitoba born hockey legend?

It would be undeniably a unifying experience to explore and discover the more than 100,000 lakes in Manitoba!

Be a local tourist to satisfy the urgent desire to see the wonders of Manitoba with 649,950 square kilometers!

Such a humongous province to find excitements specially during the short summer time!
And as we plan to discover more lakes, we have stumbled on many interesting names and facts about the Manitoba lakes.

Try to find out how far is Pickwaschnamaykoskwaskwaypinwanik Lake, the longest name place in Canada and the 7th in the world? Or what a glorious time at God’s Lake? Or are there varied colours at the Paint Lake? And what do you expect at Stupid Lake? Or how lonely place is at Lonely Lake? Or is there a golf course at Caddy Lake? Or just to complete discovering the 14 lakes represented by numeral numbers and with a Cree translation like Payuk Lake, a glacial lake at Mistik Creek, as #1 Lake or Neosap #14 or to the Ghost Lakes of Manitoba, more 2,400 lakes dedicated to the Manitoba born members of the armed forces who perished in the two world wars, Korean wars, like Two Tod Lake, Runner Lakes, to name a few?

Yes, Manitoba, to be exact has 110,000 lakes! And definitely, it would take so much time and effort to discover, explore and enjoy these lakes with so much stories attached to them.

Since we arrived in 1974, honestly, only the two most largest lakes, namely Winnipeg and Manitoba lakes, have become our favorite pastimes; and in the 1980s, we did explore and discover the burgeoning beauty of the Falcon Lake at Whiteshell Park. And only lately, we have been discovering other lakes like Eleanor, Dorothy, Nutimik, Betula, Brereton and Jessica Lakes.

Thanks to the hospitality of Macaraeg Family, Kumpareng Cris and Kumareng Nora, of Betula Lake for giving us the time and effort to discover the various lakes along the Highway 307, like the Eleanor, Dorothy, Otter Falls, Nutimik and Brereton lakes. With Ron & Donna Medina Cantiveros and our superboy Lorenzo Gabriel; and one time with Ellen Natividad-Gomez and her husband,Ray Gomez, our family friend Ronald Perez ( RP) and my nephew, Clarence Cantiveros, exploring the more than 200 lakes at Whiteshell Provincial Park would be a real challenge.

But I have the bucket lists of the lakes which I would like to explore and to discover: How exciting to see “Pickwachnamaykoskwaskwaypinwanik Lake? It is far? Oh yeah! A long way, as long as the name itself! With 31 letters which will take you a 3-time breathing spell to say it! But with passion to explore the beauty of the Manitoba lakes, time and place are not a problem! The lake is situated at the South of Red Sucker Lake near the Ontario border! This lake is in a cree word which means: “Where the wild trout is caught by fishing with hooks.” No matter how difficult to pronounce the name of the lake and many hours to reach this lake, its meaning induces my interest of fresh fresh trout cooking: grill the fish wrapped in banana leaves!. And dip it with my concoction: fish sauce. calamansi juice and siling labuyo! (hot philippine pepper)

And if you would hire a tour guide for this lake, how would you react when the person introduces this inspiring lake where the sunset gives beautiful hues of colours! Would it be my own shorter versions: “Pekwa” or “Pinwanik Lake” Noooh! I would prepare the 31-letter word name of the lake. It sounds magic to me!

Or to find out why No. 10 , in the Cree language is “Mitatut? And to explore at least the four or five lakes named after the war dead at the Ghost Lakes! Like Two Tod Lake, to honor two brothers who served and killed in the WW11?

Or would there be a love-in at Kississing lake? Or to engage with people living in at Shorty Lake? Or to find excellent prehistoric amber fossils that date back to the Cretaceaus period (150 mya) at Amber Lake?

Most of the lakes have resorts for picnics and camping and cabin renting, fishing, kayak and boating sites; fine restaurants and one-stop shopping stores.And there are convenience store where you can buy your licence or park sticker. Before going to any historic or scenic or dip into the lakes, check the park’s rules and regulations.

We might not totally explore and discover the more than 100,000 lakes in Manitoba. And if you have visited and explored other Manitoba lakes, please let me know your experiences at Nutimik or Payukosap or Winnipegosis Lakes!

Exploring our lakes is worth the summer treats!