Healthcare Boost

Last October 31, 2023, the third batch of nurses through the Philippine Recruitment Initiative of Manitoba arrived at the Winnipeg Richardson Airport. The group included John Valdez, Shayne Salonga, Vicente Ganzon Jr., and Matet Salcedo, along with their families. They were greeted with warm hospitality by healthcare professionals, members of the Philippine Nursing Association of Manitoba, and PCCM President Virgie Gayot. These four nurses are among the nearly 300 individuals who had accepted job offers during Manitoba’s recruitment mission held in the Philippines back in February of the same year. Their arrival marks a significant step in addressing healthcare staffing needs in the region and signifies the successful collaboration between Manitoba and the Philippines in bringing these talented healthcare professionals to the province. Photo credit: Shared Health


Manitoba continues to welcome nurses from PH

In a statement released by a spokesperson of Shared Health, roughly 300 individuals who accepted job offers, six have arrived in Manitoba through the expedited immigration process established for the Philippine Recruitment Initiative and have settled into their new communities (Winnipeg, Swan River, Russell, Ashern and Thompson). Travel arrangements for an additional nine healthcare workers are currently being finalized based on each candidate and their family’s availability to travel.

Specific progress varies by candidate. Forty-four have been approved by the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program and are progressing to the federal IRCC approval stage. Twenty-six RN candidates have completed their clinical competency assessment (CCA) testing, with additional CCA opportunities scheduled for November.

Four individuals who received job offers through the Philippine Recruitment Initiative were already participating in immigration processes at the time of their interview and have arrived in Manitoba. These individuals are working through the remaining certification and language requirements for their specific role.

First arrival: Chi Fuentebella and her family’s arrival on September 20, 2023. Photo Credit: Shared Health

Second arrival: KC Quitoriano’s arrival on September 29. Photo Credit: Shared Health