Growing Filipino community in Steinbach joins Summer in the City fest

During the Summer in the City festival held on June 16-18, 2023, in Steinbach, Manitoba, the South Eastman Filipino Association (SEMFA) actively participated and made a significant impact. The president of SEMFA, Greg Carlos, acknowledged the rapid growth of the Southeast region of Manitoba, particularly in Steinbach and its surrounding areas.

For several years, SEMFA has been a proud participant in the festival, showcasing their traditional BBQ pork and local talents. This year’s event was particularly successful, with an impressive sale of 600 lbs. of pork. The proceeds from the sales will be instrumental in supporting SEMFA’s annual programs and activities, enabling them to continue their invaluable services to the Filipino community in the region.

The festival also presented an opportunity for cultural exchange and appreciation, with SEMFA collaborating with the BIBAK ASSOCIATION of Manitoba, Steinbach Chapter, to showcase their captivating cultural dances. This collaboration allowed them to share the essence of Filipino culture and emphasized the importance of unity and diversity within the community.

Overall, the Summer in the City festival served as a heartwarming occasion that brought people together, fostering a strong sense of belonging and pride within the community.