Department of Education Agrees to Gradual Return of June-March Academic Calendar in 2025

The STAR / Walter Bollozos

In a unanimous decision, the Department of Education (DepEd) has collaborated with school officials, teachers, students, and parents to initiate the school year 2024-2025 on July 29, signaling a phased return to the traditional June-March academic calendar. This move aims to reinstate the old calendar fully within three school years. The Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT) confirmed the decision, emphasizing that terms are not finalized. ACT Chairman Vladimer Quetua disclosed that the 60-day break for the school year 2025-2026 might be reduced by 15 days, allowing classes to begin early June 2026. The decision emerged after a consultation with various stakeholders at the DepEd central office. While awaiting DepEd’s official response, Teachers’ Dignity Coalition Chairman Benjo Basas expressed gratitude, urging prompt policy adjustments. Quetua assured teachers that the shortened break would be compensated in service credits. We anticipate further consultations and a final meeting with stakeholders before the policy’s release. Calls for the return to the old calendar cite the discomfort experienced by students in the current academic setup.