Caring for the Environment – Manitoba (CEM) marks 6th anniversary with a series of events

Article and photos contributed by Mariciel Nuyda, EdD
President, Caring for the Environment- Manitoba (CEM)

The Earth Day on April 22, 2023 (Saturday), provided the prelude for CEM’s 6th anniversary celebration. Upon the invitation of Mika Pineda, Manitoba Museum’s Learning and Engagement Producer for Youth Climate Action event organizer, CEM, through the Education Committed lead, Mia Balansag, participated in the Museum’s Earth Day celebration. Its focus was on waste management where it presented an interactive and fun way to learn about recycling through the “Tale of Recycling Journey” to those who came to the kiosk. This activity aimed to help children and families to answer the question, “What actions can I start today to care for the planet?” The kiosk visitors received reusable bags and give aways courtesy of Multi-Material Stewardship Manitoba (MMSM) through Noelle Vong, Marketing Communications Specialist.

May 26, 2023 (Friday) marked another successful partnership leading to CEM’s anniversary celebration. Green Action Centre’s (GAC)’s Kristen Malec, Senior Compost & Waste Reduction Coordinator and Cesar Flores-Gubert, GAC’s Project Contractor, partnered with CEM through its President, Mariciel Nuyda to implement their Backyard Composting Project. This is a six-month long community capacity building project where GAC aims to assist seven (7) pre-identified homeowners in the Weston/Brooklands area to start composting at home. Cesar Flores led the workshop held at the Salvation Army Cross Bridge Community Church in Weston. He shared information about the benefits of composting, how to use and manage the compost bins which were provided by GAC. Part of the ongoing project is for Cesar to conduct home visits to check on the progress of the composting and provide troubleshooting should issues arise with the compost. In all, seventeen (17) people participated in the event – the 7 homeowners and others were CEM members and friends.

Finally, June 3 (Saturday), CEM members, their families and volunteers come together at Crescent Park Drive to celebrate its 6th anniversary with Trees Winnipeg on Arbor Day. Arbor Day is the largest annual event dedicated to trees in Winnipeg. This event was open to the public where everyone got the chance to try the free tree climbing and bucket rides as well as participate in crafts, tree planting and wood-carving demonstrations. Christian Cassidy, Trees Winnipeg Executive Director, took the time to chat and thank CEM for its participation. CEM gave away clean up kits that were donated by CBCRA/Recycle Everywhere through Candace Kunkel, Marketing and Events Coordinator.

This event was coordinated by Ramon Sales, Jr, CEM Chairperson. This was the highlight of CEM’s 6th anniversary and served as a family day as well. Twenty-eight (28) CEM members and friends attended the Arbor Day. Visit for more information on CEM, how to join, donate and lineup of events.