Written by: Lora Quitane
Company: Royal Awesome Society, Winnipeg, MB
Venue: Venue 6 – Tom Hendry Theatre

If you want to watch a live and improvised show, try Bucko.

Winnipeg talents Aaron Merke and Lauren Cochrane perform a series of live and improvised sketches

that will remind you of someone you know, someone you’ve met, or someone you wish you didn’t

know. There’s that annoying juice bar customer, a romance novel author reading a chapter from her

book, the ‘70s dads giving advice, and the awkward guests witnessing a couple argue and make up. All

their sketches show a cheeky, funny, and realistic view of people that Merke and Cochrane were able to

capture and deliver.

Even though some of the sketches were really funny, at the end of the day, the show was just good for a

one-time experience.

3 out of 5 lumpia – tastes yummy!