Lovely Souls

Lovely Souls

Written by: Brent Hirose
Company: Seismic Shift Productions
Venue: Venue 10 - Planetarium

A current resident of Vancouver, Local actor/playwright, Brent Hirose, has returned home to Winnipeg for this years Winnipeg Fringe Festival.

For those familiar with Hirose’s past work, you’d be surprised to know that this year he is not alone. This time, he adds a love interest in this brand new comedy. We meet two characters named, Jack and Alice; two strangers who meet and find an instant connection with each other.

The problem here is that they are carrying some heavy baggage.

The two actors are lovable, cute and very interesting. While the two have good chemistry between each other, the pacing of the show at times felt a little slow. My favorite moments came when they delivered their monologues as Hirose is a fantastic storyteller and I look forward to seeing his future work.

4 out of 5 lumpia!!