Inside the Studio

Inside the Studio

Written by: Lora Quitane
Company: Coffee Guy Productions, Winnipeg, MB
Venue: Venue 1 – John Hirsch Mainstage

The Studio is like a typical acting class that has all the stereotypes: a European drama instructor (Kirsten Wattis), a wanna-be action heroine (Ava Darrach-Gagnon), a wanna-be musical theatre actor (Jazmyn Shell), a hippie (Peggy Hamilton), a former entertainment lawyer-turned-wanna-be-actor (Justin Otto),

the charismatic friend (Bryan Wassenaar and Nathan Costa), and a newbie (Glenn Odero).

Directed by Jessina Cheffins, The Studio is a funny and realistic view of actors in Winnipeg who dream of going into Hollywood. You wouldn’t want to miss a second when you’re watching because there is always something going on among the characters. The actors embody their characters perfectly that you’d think they’re really like their characters in real life.

One entertaining highlight is the readings and re-enactments from Kill Bill, Boogie Nights, and Brokeback Mountain.

4 out of 5 lumpia – masarap!