Macabre: Now in 3D

Macabre: Now in 3D

Written by: Lora Quitane
Company: Puppy in Pants Productions, Winnipeg, MB
Venue: Venue 6 – Tom Hendry Theatre

Macabre Tales of Horror and Macabreness 3D performed at this year’s Fringe for the third time. The show had the audience laughing on the performances and screaming when they’re terrified.

The performances were spot-on and the actors delivered perfectly. Satan as the narrator kept the show going while the rest of the cast were setting up for the next scene.

When watching Macabre, don’t just look at the stage as they act out the seven tales or when the lights focus on Satan. Look to your left and right, because you might see something that will make you cry out in horror. But you’ll laugh most of the time.

And as promised, they delivered the 3D, and it was worth it.

4 out of 5 stars – masarap!