Vicki-Hayden break-up ‘benefits’ Quark Henares

Vicki-Hayden break-up ‘benefits’ Quark Henares

Vicki Belo’s son, director Quark Henares unexpectedly got a brand new Canon 50 mm camera lens due to her mom’s recent breakup with Hayden Kho
The lens was supposed to be Vicki’s Valentine’s gift to Hayden when Quark hinted on his Tumblr account that he was thinking of getting a 50 mm for his camera himself.

Vicki eventually gave the lens to Quark prompting him to thank Hayden.

Quark and his sister Cristalle have been open about their disapproval of their mom’s relationship with Hayden. In a TV interview, Quark cited the reasons for their disapproval namely, the age gap, Hayden’s infidelity, suicide attempt, and infamous sex video scandal with Katrina Halili.

News about Vicki and Hayden’s breakup spread when Vicki flew to LA alone for a Valentines’ Day trip that was supposed to be spent with Hayden. The former then posted on Twitter that actress-singer Nancy Castiglione can now openly date her now ex-fiancé.

However Hayden said through the same social networking site that they only had a misunderstanding. He also exempted Nancy from the issue.
For her part, Nancy said she can’t comment on the issue because it’s simply not true.