Lea Salonga wants real commitment to the craft of singing

Lea Salonga wants real commitment to the craft of singing

International singer and thespian Lea Salonga wants discipline, dedication, and a real commitment to the craft of singing.

This was Lea’s message to today’s generation of singers when asked for her opinion on certain celebrities who are non-singers but goes into professional singing.

She pointed out that singers spent a lot of perspiration, frustration, and rejection before getting their moment in the sun. She added that singers should also strive to build a good reputation if they want to remain in the business.

Lea said she considers Regine Velazquez, Charice, Rachel Ann Go, Sarah Geronimo, Zsa Zsa Padilla, Zia Quizon as real singers.

When asked if she would want to share the stage with Anne Curtis, she said Anne admits herself that she’s not a singer. Anne, a self-confessed frustrated singer, released an album last year followed by a sold-out concert held late last month at the Smart Araneta Coliseum.

Apparently, Lea’s pronouncements about off-key singers in general plus the mention of Anne’s name caused the publication of an article purporting that Lea attacked Anne’s singing. To this, Lea reacted on Twitter that she didn’t attacked Anne but maintained that she has strong opinions about off-key singers.
Lea then told the public to find out exactly what she said in full and in context.