Ultimate New Wave Evolution (& closely related styles) part 48

The development of the now broad spectrum of music many enthusiasts regard as Alternative Rock is really diverse and dynamic. This includes Shoegaze, which may be described as a blend of the melodic sensibilities of New Wave, Jangle Pop, and Neo-Psychedelia and a conservative dose of the noise and fuzz of Noise Rock and Grunge.

The subtly sharp and smoothly serrated Shoegaze has really emerged as a league of its own. Best characterized by the swirling, fuzzy-sounding, heavily flanged guitars and buried-in-the-mix, echo-laden vocal tracks, it is not for the sensitive of ears. It’s definitely not as loud as Metal, but it’s quite hypnotic and dizzying that the typical rocker may not be able to bang his head nor raise his clenched fist to it. Waving the hands while swaying the head is still the order of the Shoegaze floor.

This set consists of some of the pioneers of the so-called Shoegaze sound. Take note though that Primal Scream’s and The Chills’ sound in their respective albums included here fit more the Guitar/Jangle Pop sonic mold.
* The Jesus & Mary Chain – Darklands (1987)
* The Chills – Submarine Bells (1990)
* Ride – Nowhere (1990)
* Cranes – Wings of Joy (1991)
* Primal Scream – Sonic Flower Groove (1987)
* Catherine Wheel – Ferment (1992)
* Slowdive – Just for a Day (1991)
* My Bloody Valentine – Isn’t Anything? (1988)