Tardiness Is Not Always Caused by Laziness

Tardiness Is Not Always Caused by Laziness

(On the Factors underlying Tardiness and the Willingness to Change Oneself)

Madalas ka bang ma-late sa iyong trabaho? Palagi ka bang hulí sa iyong appointments o sa mga pagtitipon o pagkikitakita?

During our recent vacation in the Philippines (from mid-January to mid-February 2012), I finally realized that the main reason many Filipinos in the Philippines fail to keep up with punctuality is not simply laziness nor irresponsibility but the boulders of obstacles caused by the heavy traffic and difficulty in transportation, whether one is a commuter or a motorist—which makes a few-kilometer-distance equivalent to more than an hour of travel. Because of this, ordinary trips of going to work or coming home from work becomes a daily marathon, which could really exhaust a person and drain her energy and enthusiasm. I’m not justifying the tardiness of Filipinos in the Philippines, particularly of those who live in Metro Manila and in other highly urbanized regions and cities for the challenges that I have cited; what I was trying to emphasize is that, in the Philippines, therefore, to be punctual is to be really strong-willed and extremely disciplined. And this is really a challenge, yet it is something doable and achievable only if one will put his mind onto it.

Here in Canada, at least in Winnipeg where I live, I don’t see any reason for someone who has his own vehicle to be late for work or appointments other than laziness, irresponsibility, difficulty in getting up early in the morning because of lack of sleep during the previous night, the vehicle’s cranking down or getting into a road accident, unexpected snowfall, or the simple disinterest in one’s work which takes away one’s enthusiasm in arriving at work early or on time.

These are the reasons I suddenly felt that my having been tardy for work or for appointments was caused more by my irresponsibility and subconscious disregard for others’ time than by uncontrollable factors such as what I have enumerated.

Sa Madaling Salita
Bilang pagbabago sa aking sarili, pipilitin kong maging maaga palagi sa pagdating sa trabaho; lalo na ngayong napagtanto ko na namang muli na, kumpara sa sitwasyon ng trapiko sa Pilipinas, mas di hamak na madali at mabilis ang biyahe rito sa Canada.

Or, in Simple Words
I am now imposing upon myself the virtue of punctuality especially when it comes to arriving early at work. Compared with the traffic condition in the Philippines, commuting and travelling here in Canada are far much easier and faster.