What Have You Learned Today from Reading?

What Have You Learned Today from Reading?

(On Making Trivial Things Learned from Literature Important)

My being a regular book reader is a major factor in keeping myself updated on various subjects, as well as in giving my paradigms and perspectives a regular check and scan and necessary change or shift.

What have you accomplished this week?
Were you able to do what you planned to do?
Did you miss breakfast again?
Who is your favorite mathematician?

Did you know that Albert Einstein loved music, had started playing the violin at an early age with the influence of his mother? that Thomas Alva Edison’s fascination for Classical music led him to inventing the phonograph?

Who was the second man to set foot (I mean, shoes) on Earth’s moon? Neil Armstrong?
What is the world’s smallest living primate? Don’t ever answer “the tarsier,” for it no longer is!

Knowledge is certainly diverse and unstable.
Truths and fallacies are relative, for they are continually changing.

What’s the capital of Mali?
Where was Pablo Neruda born?
Who wrote the Younger Edda?
How old was John Lennon at the time of his death?
On what day of the week did Harry Potter & the Sorcerer’s Stone begin? How about The Hobbit?

What do the “e” and “e” in e.e. cummings stand for? What about the J and K in Rowling’s name or the J.R.R. in Tolkien’s?
Are you a fan of Madam Auring, Rene Mariano, Brother Eli, Mike Velarde, feng shui, Nostradamus, or Shakespeare?
Do you believe in the God? Or, are you an atheist?

Correct now, wrong tomorrow;
right today, wrong yesterday.

Many science fictions of yesterday had become facts of today, in the same manner that countless facts of the past had transformed into amazing or amusing trivia of the day.

Is your age a decade ago the same as that on your last birthday?
Did you know that Superman died and then lived again?
…that the pterodactyl and the plesiosaurus are not dinosaurs?
…that Luke Skywalker is no longer single?
And Chewbacca already dead?

We need to be flexible yet not yielding,
tolerant but not easily persuaded,
accepting and considerate but never arrogant nor gullible.

Have you read Gulliver’s Travels?
What’s the surname of Alice of Wonderland?
How many legs does a centipede have? What about a butterfly in its larval stage? Is a caterpillar an insect? Is a whale shark a whale? a starfish a fish? a donkey a horse? Sun a star?

Are you a vegetarian? a vegan? a fructarian? a pescotarian? a utilitarian? a Presbyterian? a Rastafarian?

Someone I know said, “Any religion that prohibits the eating of something is stupid.” I said, “I don’t care, as long as followers of that religion do not impose their beliefs on me.”

The meeting of many musical minds and the views of various visionaries are indeed a lavish banquet for souls seeking new truths and horizons.

My mind may be free-flowing, but it’s never volatile.

The time to review your own facts and fictions is now.

I’m continually reviewing mine.

Final Note
I crawl back into my literary nest frequently like an ostrich, digging my head into the pages of Literature.