Raptorsmania solidifies Canada from coast to coast

Raptorsmania solidifies Canada from coast to coast

The NBA Championship ever garnered by the lone basketball team in Canada, the Raptors, is a powerful glue which binds Canada as strong north and free country from coast to coast, from the south of the border to the north of the Artic!

No such sporting event has captured the very heart and soul of all Canadians, who had been totally rallying to make history in the world of basketball sport. Call it a unified and solid support for all the players who have shown the genuine passion on basketball, a sport invented by a Canadian in the 1800s, and got internationally popular.

Imagine yourself as one of the many millions spectators who were glued to the television to follow the journey of the Raptors to the championship game held in California. In every city and town, the watering holes were filled with basketball enthusiasts who had been so hot to witness the history in the making.

With more than twenty-years of drought, the Raptors had a simple beginning, normally a new team in Toronto, Canada, which considered outside of the perimeter of basketball map. As the bragging rights being the only NBA team outside of the United States, Raptors had to survive and to continue playing with an aim that someday, the most elusive NBA trophy would be won and would be considered as the milestone for the team and for the management.

Watching every game had become so intense, and the adrenalin to win had become the main substance for survival.

And from the recently held victory parade in downtown Toronto, flooded by more than 3 million fans, telecast live by two major television channels, and the accolades given to the players, it was an unbelievably huge milestone in the basketball journey of the Toronto Raptors.

Raptors’ win as the 2019 NBA champion has become the uniting force to make Canada as a solid and strong country and elevate the basketball as one of the major sports in Canada.