Prairie 360 presents Filipino cuisine

Prairie 360 presents Filipino cuisine

Cultural Fusions at Prairie 360 is featuring Filipino culinary delight on February 21-23.

This is the restaurant’s offering for 2019 where a local cuisine is presented every third weekend of the month.

Inspired by the city’s multiculturalism and diverse culinary influences, Prairie 360 will bring their guests a memorable dining experience from various countries without having to leave Winnipeg.

The Filipino menu was created by their Filipino sous chef Albert Reyes and his team…ready to be served for an unforgettable dinner this weekend.


Ukoy (Shrimp Fritters) $15
Crispy deep fried shrimp and sweet potatoes battered in rice flour and served with our house-made Visayan Vinegar Sauce for dipping
Embutido (Meatloaf Bites) $12
Ground beef stuffed with hard boiled eggs and raisins and steamed to perfection

Adobo Chicken $22
Chicken drumsticks braised in vinegar and soy sauce and served along with quail eggs and potatoes served with rice
Kare-Kare Pork Belly (Peanut Stew) $22
Crispy pork belly in a thick and creamy peanut sauce along with eggplant and bok choy and topped with peanuts served with rice

Ube (Purple Yam Crème Custard) $10
Steamed purple yams mixed with coconut milk topped with a crème custard and sweetened julienned coconut
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