Philippine Political Circus: Please send in the clowns!

Philippine Political Circus: Please send in the clowns!

(Manila) The Philippine Political Circus will be in town on May 13th and the various ring masters have started dressing up their clowns who will be teasing the audiences with their raw and visceral antics to win the audience. Consequently, the head ring master is also busy campaigning for his favored clowns, making these clowns to win at any cost just to probe that he is still the head ringmaster, uncontested and who has still holding the magnet to attract more people to make the circus successful and to validate that his clowns will have learned from him the arts of making the audience laugh.

The Philippine election is considered more than a circus where former clowns and newly trained clowns are ready to deliver their own antics, teasing the audience with their happy made-up faces supported by many promises to make the people happy and contented even behind their faces are true narratives of broken promises and suspicious hidden agenda.

Yes, the Mid-term Philippine election, slated onthe13th of May 2019, is another attempt for some of the new, semi-retired and current civic, municipal, provincial and senatorial candidates who are campaigning to win and to serve the people.

But according to many political pundits and critics that this election a.k.a circus will be the litmus test for President Rodrigo Duterte if he has still the power to rally for more changes in his governance. Duterte has given blessings to some senators who had been accused of fraud, and to another member of the Marcos clan who had supported him in his 2016 run for power; and to some of his favorite circle of confidants like Bong Go and De la Rosa, popularly known as “Bato.” One will wonder, even myself, that the poster endorsing Bong Go is ubiquitous in the urban and rural areas as if Bong Go is the only senatorial candidate running for this election. Some sari-sari stores have the poster of Bato with his picture and an iconic slogan: “Itaga mo sa BATO”.

But this coming election has some changes, radical changes, I would consider. Gone are the annoying campaign materials like posters and billboards that during the last elections, these campaign materials were considered as the measurement on who were the candidates had deep pockets and had the army of people who plastered their campaign materials on any space available, even in print or in broadcast. Now the Commission on Elections has strongly imposed the standard size of all campaign materials and where those campaign materials must be posted. Violators will be prosecuted, and to a severe punishment, the bar candidates from running. Another major change is when President Duterte announced the non-partisan of his cabinet members and the military from campaigning for any candidate.

Another change is the emerging of the new political parties, gone are those popular political parties like the Liberal, the Nationalista, the Lakas, the UND, and others, instead, voters are confused of the Party organized and founded by Davao Mayor Sara Duterte,known as “Hugpong Sa Tawong Lungsod”, “Otso Diretso”,a.k.a Dilawan or the Liberals; and one independent party, Poe Party. And for the House of Representatives, the “Party Lists”.

Yes, kababayans, on the show again to entice the audience as clowns make some sorties in the various parts of the country, zizaging and criss-crossings the various islands and cities to have at least a one-night show of smiling, hugging, handshaking (with a hidden alcohol bottles) and promising the stars and the moons.

Kabayan, are you ready for the show? And to laugh at the clowns? And to be happy for just a one night slambang to entice you to vote for him or her and after election, promises would be broken?

And would Duterte still be the head ring master?

Send in the clowns please!