Outdoor Hockey Rinks Booming

It’s Code Red in Manitoba and with COVID19 stay-at-home orders and restricted activities outdoors, many families including the newly built “Macaraeg Gardens” outdoor rink in Morden, Manitoba.
Mike & Eryn Macaraeg originally planned on building a smaller 8’x10′ rink in their backyard and due to the pandemic not ending any time soon, they went with a bigger 20’x30′ rink. They started building the outdoor rink in November and printed several Winnipeg Jets and Morden Hawks logos to give the outdoor rink some character.
Mike & Eryn’s eldest son, James has been enjoying the outdoor rink and pretending to play as the Jets. The only downside to current public health orders is not being able to skate with family and friends. Hopefully, the restrictions will be lifted soon, and the Macaraeg family can enjoy their outdoor rink among family and friends.

In pre-COVID19 times, many kids and adults would have been swarming local community centres and ice rinks for hockey league games but during the pandemic, hockey is on hold.

Parents and hockey enthusiasts have taken to building a backyard outdoor rink so kids and adults can continue playing hockey.

The outdoor rink industry has been booming and many families are doing their research online to figure out the best way to build an outdoor rink.

There are rink kits available through many local retailers and online companies that specialize in building outdoor rinks. Reddi-Rink is one such product that is available to build a 10’x20′ in your backyard.

Similar to the Macareag Gardens with their 20×30 outdoor rink complete with Winnipeg Jets logos, they’re one of many families that will continue to embrace our beautiful Manitoba winters.

If your family is in the process or planning on creating a special outdoor rink, we’d love to hear about it. Send your outdoor rink photos and winter adventures to the Filipino Journal. Our email address is info@filipinojournal.com.

Happy Skating!

Photo courtesy: Mike Macaraeg