Albums Revisited: a-ha – Hunting High and Low (1985)

The Norwegian band has long been regarded as an A-lister in the halls of New Wave greats.

In a stellar three-decade career, a-ha has come up with 10 studio albums, the latest of which was 2015’s Cast in Steel, and a string of chart-topping singles that included “Take on Me,” “The Living Daylights,” “Crying in the Rain,” and “Dark Is the Night for All.” However, in spite of everything, a-ha’s music will always be best defined by its debut album, which turns 35 this month!

Released in 1985, a-ha’s firstborn, Hunting High and Low remains fresh and refreshing. Of the lot, it is the one teeming with all the elements of New Romanticism–progressive arrangements, ornate instrumentation, and lush orchestration. Its a powerhouse collection of upbeat Sunny Pop epics and an enough dose of wistful balladry. Music is so inspired, youthful and vibrant; lyricism, beautiful works of poetry.

Recommended tracks are “Sun Always Shines on T.V.,” “Living a Boy’s Adventure Tale,” and “Love Is Reason.”