Our First Canadian Winter

Photo by Mark Godilano

Winters in Manitoba is part of our life and culture and as new immigrants, the first experiences with snow and winter are always interesting. As we looked out the window, we were met with a beautiful white landscape. There were so many different types of snow, from fluffy, this time wet and now it’s. We couldn’t help but smile as I saw people sliding down hills on cardboard boxes and throwing snowballs at each other, or simply jumping in the snow to make our first snow angels.

Thank you to the readers that submitted photos to our share your first Canadian winter in Manitoba. Would it be as cold as everyone said? Would the snow last long? What would happen if there was a blizzard? We hope you enjoy and learn to embrace the beauty of our Manitoba winters. Our advice, dress warm and don’t forget boots, ski pants, warm hats and scarves.

Henrico and Charmaine Muñoz

Henrico and Charmaine Muñoz

Arenas Family: JC, Freitz, Jean and Jeremy

Edieson Extra

Rose Marie Sunga