Network Your Way To Your Next Job

Are you a technology professional looking to take the next step in your career? If so, there are several ways to network your way into a new job. This guide will provide tips for joining and participating in industry communities as well as how to use social media sites like LinkedIn and Twitter to build relationships with peers.

Landing a job in today’s market is not easy, and it can be very daunting. Consider how one corporate job will attract over 250 resumes; however, only one candidate will be offered the position.

Typically your resume alone does not get you far- sometimes other applications are what sets yourself apart from others vying for that same spot on an employer’s list (and by using them effectively with appropriate networking or name-dropping skills). It takes more than just good resume – you also need referrals! A study conducted in the USA showed how applicants who had someone reputable like a family member recommend them had greater chances of getting hired

What are the best steps to generate job referrals?
We all know that it’s important to network and connect with people in order to promote ourselves and generate job referrals. However, we often don’t know what the best steps are for generating these referrals.

You don’t have to land the perfect connection
Although a Director or CEO of a company may seem like the best chance to land your dream job, in some circumstances, they are not. Remember that people in high-level positions may have a tight schedule and will not have time to interact with you.
A wise tactic you can consider incorporating is reaching out to people with the job title you are seeking and finding out if they are willing to conduct an informational interview. Also, try as much as possible to communicate with people employed in the last two years as they have a very fresh perspective of the company.

Connect with your network on LinkedIn
Ensure that you connect on LinkedIn with your workmates, classmates, or teammates. This platform is very crucial to help you connect with family and friends who might help you land a job. You can reach out to other professional groups on LinkedIn. Also, consider joining with PhDs, who are our alternative career mentor network.
LinkedIn is a fantastic platform since if you connect with one person, you are also connected with their network. You can connect with people who work at different companies and even your target company on this platform.

Target employees at your at your dream job company
LinkedIn networking is the best for cultivating relationships with employees working at your target company. It is imperative to conduct a geographical location where you want to work and the company you wish to work for.

LinkedIn is the best place for networking for a job and will indicate first and second-degree connections you can have at the company. The following practical step is to ensure that you reinforce relationships with valuable connections.

Provide Value
It is essential to follow the cardinal rule of networking for a job. Some of the rules you should consider incorporating include:
· Give before you ask – it is paramount to ensure that you add value to your networks before asking for help. For instance, you can congratulate them on recent achievements.
· Avoid asking anything on the first message
· Ensure you are succinct and useful

Politely ask for a job referral
It is necessary first to take time to cultivate a relationship with your referral. Before making a referral request, it is imperative to ask yourself if you added value to the person’s life. After ensuring that you have cultivated a good relationship and have positively impacted the person’s life, it is now the right time to ask for a referral.
Remember that employees are rewarded huge incentives to refer valuable candidates to the company. Thus it is a win-win situation for everyone. The last thing you should remember is to send a thank-you note whether you get the job or not.

Key Takeaway
A job referral increases your chances of getting an interview and also increases the chances of being hired. Ensure that you invest in a professional network that will help you land your dream job.