“Musica,” an evening of Philippine Art Songs, sparks nationalism in us

“Musica,” an evening of Philippine Art Songs, sparks nationalism in us

If there would be an event which extols a deeper meaning of Filipino Nationalism, then, the recently held, “MUSICA,” an evening of the Kundimans, is a major 121st Independence event, and at the same time, a colourful heritage presentation to celebrate the 1st National Filipino Heritage Month of June.

Presented by the Philippine Canadian Arts Society of MB Inc., a two-hour long kundiman sung and performed by the local talents, namely, Glenn Naquila, Tricia Magsino-Barnabe, Immanuelle Guerrero Concepcion, Mervin Sison, Sarah Jo Kirsch, Isaias Odiatu, Paolo Camus, Christine Ronquillo and Jett Russel Panganiban , left the audience with so much joy and enthusiasm.

Each kundiman, like Mutya ng Pasig by Nicanor Abelardo; Sa Ugoy ng Duyan (Lucio Pedro); Dahil sa Iyo (Miguel Velarde) , Kata-Taka (Santiago Suarez); Pakiusap (Francisco Santiago); Pamaypay ng Maynila (Constancio de Guzman); Nasaan ka Irog (Nicanor Abelardo); and the hilarious Naku..Kenkoy (Nicanor Abelardo) plus some italian arias and masterpieces composed by Puccini and Verdi, was rendered with vocal justice to the composers.And the grand finale, Pilipinas Kong Mahal (Francisco Santiago); and Bayan Ko (Constancio de Guzman had lifted the spirit of searing nationalism among the audience,leading to a roaring applause and standing ovation.

Emceed by Oscar Pantaleon, Jr. Emily Brass, Mimi Aiello, and KC Salazar. Concept and direction by Dante Aviso; stage manager and writer, Oscar Pantleon Jr. Sponsored by Sun Life Financial, Mila Tamayo, Century 21, Dante Aviso, Jennifer Newton Massage Therapist, Lola’s Family Day HOme, Realtor Raymond Zablan, CK Music, Melos Balloon, Jimels Bakery, Mangkok International Cuisine, Juvians, Noemis, Josel Media, Filipino Journal, Ang Peryodiko, Enagic Independent Distrbutor, Lorende Cuisine & Catering, Pan de Cretos, and MIXCREW.

And the volunteers: Tess Newton, Lina Aviso, Nida and Rose Manalang, Beth Panganiban, Ruth Cachero, Vida Venzon, Andrew Aviso, Jann Soliman, Daiydee Bautista, Johsa Manzanilla, Paul Unciano, Kenneth Salazar, Mon Camus, KC Salazar, Mimi Aiello, Nadia Kidwai, Emily Brass, Maples Collegiate and the Seven Oaks School Division.

Photos by Earl Masangkay