Is Winnipeg a Narco-City?

“Rash of homicides ‘taxing ‘ police.” Deadly record: city could break murder mark as police investigate 10th homicide” “Gone too Soon, “ “Multiple cops assaulted in string of incidents”, “Winnipeg police unit to target guns and gangs!” “Shootings propel rising homicide rates” “Man charged in teen’s death” “Forum to focus on fear of violence in faith community.”

These are the blaring headlines and blurbs in the various newspapers after the record breaking homicide cases reaching a mercurial high of more than 10 homicides cases, more than doubled as compared the number of crime cases against lives and properties in the same month last 2018.

And as a background, in 2018, the following media coverage on the proliferation of methamphetamine is alarming! LIke: at CBC: “Drugs, particularly the growing use of methamphetamine are fueling crime in the city and putting a huge strain on City Police Services:”and in Global TV: “Rise in violent gun crimes connected to the rise of meth use!”And in the Sun, the headline is nerving: 2018 in Review: Meth, violence and a city in crisis!” And in Free Press: “Meth, madness and misery, cheap, easy to find incredibly powerful and addictive crystal meth is holding Manitoba hostage!”

And will keep you trembling with the stats in 2017: Possession charges for meth 890% increase since 2012! And I repeat 890% increase since 2012!
Winnipeg as Narco-City since 2012, no wonder people are screaming for safety, people in the various communities are arming themselves against people , especially those, repeat offenders to raise havoc in my family or in your family.

And in the last issue of the Filipino Journal, the regular column of Dr. Denise Koh, Manitoba’s Chief Occupational Medical Officer and a Medical Officer of Health in Environmental Health and Emergency Preparedness, writes: “Methamphetamine or meth is a powerful, highly addictive man-made stimulant known for its euphoric effects and the energy it triggers in users. The drug is cheap, relatively easy to get and make, and the high lasts for several hours. On top of that, there is NO IMMEDIATE ANTIDOTE, such as naloxone for opiate users.”

And read this with so much attention, as Dr. Koh writes further, “Meth use is quite prevalent in Manitoba. In fact, it is now the most-reported primary drug of use among people accesssing care at Addiction Foundation of Manitoba (AFM) facilities, with an increase of ovder 50% over the last few years. The Manitoba Nurses Union reported a 1,200% increase in meth-related emergency room visits since 2013.There have been numerous recent meth-related violent incidents, like the latest victim, a young and hopeful man, Jimmy Adao, Jr, who met his untimely death from a man fueled by meth.

After all of these reality checks and balances on the prevalent of meth, would you consider that the City of Winnipeg has been a narco-city for many years and getting worse every year?

The Winnipeggers deserve a safe city, a city where newcomers had longed to stay and live and raise a family? What happened to the victims, and to their families? Lives are stolen by people who are addicted to meth and in most cases, the perpetrators are known to the police as repeat offenders, the recipients of what we called: “revolving door kind of justice” when these criminals and killers are back to the community to raise hell!

I cannot blame those families who have many plans to have a safety home, a safety place for their children: most homes now are secured by special locks, some have installed CCTV, and built a cross-bar to avoid intruders high on drugs; and to top them all, they want to be armed with guns to protect themselves and their children.

And who will be the next victim? Someone you love most, or some of your friends’ children? or the children of the police officer, judges and elected and appointed members in our government?

Jimmy Adao, Jr, known to us as Jimboy, had all the ambitions in life but his life was cut short and now he is a part of the hair-raising crime statistics in the city known as Narco-City of Winnipeg!