Inflation and the Christmas season

Lately, I have attended almost six Christmas parties and still counting.

And I did experience that sharing and giving are still high in spirit. The food is plentiful and mostly with leftovers for take-home rituals and exchange gifts among the guests who have not changed in size and value. They danced, and they sang Christmas Carols to the highest pitch that even Grinch would not find time to steal the Spirit of Christmas among the guests.

So where does this dreadful inflation fall into as social media have all the negative effects of inflation? And to the financial gurus, inflation means a higher cost of living!

And as plain consumers, do we feel inflation as the Christmas rush is heading to our homes and offices?

Or does inflation affect Christmas planning among the officers and members of various groups and associations in our community? To make a valid answer, Filipino Journal asked some officers and members if inflation has become a stumbling block to celebrating Christmas parties.

Leila Castro, founder of 204 FMP and NW and currently the recipient of Queen’s Platinum Award, said: ” Yes, in such a way that I plan to prepare food selections that are cheaper. It was a drastic rise in prices of commodities between same time last year and this year. While the kind of food that I will prepare will be different, we will still have the same family members in our clan reunion on Christmas day. With or without inflation, we will all be happily celebrating Christmas together.

As a devout Catholic who knows the story about the very humble place of birth of Jesus Christ, the real reason for the holiday, I think being alive and healthy, being together as a family, peace of mind are far better reasons to have a joyous Christmas day, than the kind of food that we will have on that day. Because of tight budget, we can skip the expensive cheese, steak, seafood, and instead just have the green salad, donuts and coffee and still be happy. I also believe that real happiness is directly proportional to what you give away and not to what you receive. It is a good advice I want to give to everyone, try it once in a while. Experience 100 dollars worth of happiness by giving away 100 dollars worth of material thing or of your time for the most vulnerable.

Daisy Santiano Villegas, Zin and Zumba instructor of the Royal Goldies family responded. “Not really. I keep my budget very simple, setting aside gifts for my “inaanak”. Food (potluck style) is always shared with my family during Christmas Eve and Christmas day. My church offering is always set for Christmas.”

And Villegas added: “Food is a major component of the Christmas celebration. And it is my favorite time of the year for it gives us the chance for thanksgiving and to reflect joy, love, and peace for everyone.”