Claudine Barretto Pursues Millions in Legal Battle Against Ex-Husband Raymart Santiago

Photo credit: Luis Manzano Youtube

In a candid revelation on Luis Manzano’s vlog, Claudine Barretto disclosed that she is allegedly chasing hundreds of millions from her ex-husband, Raymart Santiago. The actress claimed that only P25,000 was left for her in one bank, while the rest remained unaccounted for. Despite the financial dispute, Claudine emphasized that she doesn’t want to label her ex-spouse and the father of her children as a thief.

Clarifying the situation to Luis, Claudine stated that during their time together, Raymart returned only P7 million, with ongoing attempts to retrieve the money hidden by him. Claudine expressed her determination to reclaim what she believes is rightfully hers for the sake of her growing children, who are now faced with educational expenses.

Asserting her stance, Claudine challenged Raymart, stating that she would fight for what is due to her and her children. She emphasized the hard work and sacrifices she put into acquiring their properties, considering it an investment for her kids’ future.

As Claudine awaits the resolution of their ongoing annulment proceedings, she revealed the delays and her ex-husband’s alleged attempt to gain custody, raising questions about his intentions. The actress also hinted at issues related to Raymart’s new relationship without explicitly naming Jodi Sta. Maria, as she faced persistent inquiries.

Claudine vowed that the truth would surface soon, promising a revealing outcome in their legal battle. The actress, now noticeably slimmer due to an 80-pound weight loss from intermittent dieting, confidently stated that developments would unfold in the near future.

Photo by Bochic Estrada,