Breaking news: MLA Jon Reyes appointed as Minister of Economic Development and Job

Jon Reyes, MLA for Waverly, is appointed by Premier Brian Pallister as Minister of Economic Development and Job today, July 15, together with two other MLAs.
Reyes will help lead efforts to enhance Manitoba’s post-pandemic economic recovery.

First elected as MLA St. Norbert in 2016 and after this constituency was dissolved, Reyes moved to Waverly and won the legislative seat last 2019.

Reyes first government appointment under the government of Brian Pallister was as a Special Envoy for Military affairs.

Reyes is a veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces, and the founder of and the first president of the Manitoba Filipino Business Council, and former Kidney Foundation director.

After his 10 years in the military, Reyes pursued a Bachelor of Commerce in Entrepreneurial Management at Royal Roads University in Victoria.

Reyes is the 2nd Filipino descent to be appointed as member of the cabinet.