Bello Warns Employers Against Firing Workers Who Refuse Vaccination

Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello III issued a warning to employers who will fire workers who refuse to get a COVID-19 vaccination.

Stating that a worker’s refusal does not serve as termination grounds, the former Justice Secretary also pointed out that it has no legal basis.

No Vaccination, No Work Policy
The Associated Labor Unions (ALU) has reported of some companies warning employees that non-acceptance of their sponsored COVID-19 vaccination would result into non-entry of their office premises or get tagged as “unfit to work.”

They may also be re-assigned or relocated to another branch or would be forced to go on temporary leave until such time that they will be vaccinated.

ALU reported that internal company surveys revealed that majority of the workers are hesitant to get the vaccination because of possible unfavorable side effects.

Calling it a “form of coercion and discrimination that violates a worker’s right to freely decide with regard to their health and well-being,” ALU has vehemently denounced the no vaccination, no work policy that came about as the government kicked off its vaccination drive, starting with health workers, soldiers and policemen, this week.

ALU National Executive Vice President Gerard Seno said employers can try to convince their employees by having information drive of what benefits they can get from the vaccination but should never force them.

To which, Bello agreed saying that the choice is entirely up to the employee. He also said that the Department of Labor and Employment will soon be releasing official guidelines against mandatory vaccination to address this issue.