Together We Glide

The Batoon family are learning to love Winnipeg winters with help from generous Winnipeggers and the Winnipeg Trails Association. As new Canadians, their family is embracing the snow, cold and windchill and willing to come out and spend time outdoors.

The Winnipeg Trails Association has been instrumental in providing access to equipment such as cross country skis, skates, snowshoes and a kicksled. We caught up with Anders Swanson at Woodsworth Park in the Maples last week as Zoe and Finn Batoon finished their first cross-country ski adventure.

Learning To Love Our Winters

Welcome to WinterPeg and our beautiful winters and learning to love our winters means understanding what’s out there for people to do. As a result of generous Winnipeggers donating cross country skis, and other winter gear such as skates and snowshoes, the Winnipeg Trail Association has been visiting Winnipeg parks and pleasure rinks with the opportunity for residents to try out a new winter sport for free. Several weekends ago, residents near Central Park had the chance to try out cross country skiing and skating.

Last weekend, Councilor Vivian Santos took a spin around the Freighthouse Loop (679m) and made for a great mid-morning workout with her family.

“Just do it!” Exclaimed Zoe Batoon in her video interview with Anders Swanson. Great advice from a first-time skier. The Batoon Family – Gail, Marcel Anne, Zoe and Finn – eager to enjoy and embrace the outdoors with more winter adventures and many winters to come.

Photos by Ron Cantiveros and Councilor Vivian Santos