KZ Tandingan is Unveiled as Singer of Disney’s First Filipino Song

KZ Tandingan, dubbed as the country’s Soul Supreme, has been revealed to be the singer of “Gabay,” the first ever Filipino song to be part of a Disney animation’s official soundtrack.
The said song is the theme for the upcoming “Raya and the Last Dragon” which also features Disney’s first heroine from Southeast Asia.

Before this announcement, there have been speculations that the voice to sing “Gabay” would either be Morissette Amon, Sarah Geronimo or Ylona Garcia. There were also some who made the right guess by betting on KZ Tandingan herself.

Tandingan, for her part, is very elated and posted the good news on her page, expressing her gratitude for being chosen to be part of this milestone in Disney history.
Gabay is set to be released on Spotify this March 05.