Allan Pineda, Conrado Nathaniel Penales and Eejay Chua are the trio behind the secret pop-up Bahay Kubo Tiki Bar that’s serving up fantastic Filipino food and experimental non-alcoholic drinks this winter. Pop-up location is a secret and here’s a hint. A former pizza joint that has been transformed into an intimate speakeasy club. Under black lights, guests enjoy dinner while listening to classic hits from the ’90s. Find them on Instagram to reserve your seat and discover where you need to go.

Bahay Kubo Tiki Bar

Bahay Kubo Tiki bar is a Filipino influenced sober speakeasy, I believe the first of its kind.

This pop up will exclusively be running for only two months from Mid October to Mid December and occurs every Thursday evening from 7:30-10:30pm till Dec 16 by reservation only.

The pop up concept itself is our own blend of the Tiki bars from the early 1930’s in a secretive speakeasy form. A speakeasy in itself was an illicit establishment serving alcohol during the prohibition era. In our case, there is no alcohol served but the speakeasy feel, with a tropical vibe.

Bahay Kubo tiki bar is our homage to one of the first waves of FIlipino immigrants that came to Winnipeg from the Philippines from the 1960s and 1970’s. The decor is a mix of old and new with the majority being items that could be found in the early 70s and 80s in Filipino homes, tourist memorabilia made of seashells, bamboo and wood carvings and masks mixed in with new modern artistic takes on Filipino culture. Most Philippine art and memorabilia are almost all but phased out in Filipino households nowadays with the modern style in newer homes and with 2nd and 3rd generation Filipinos. “One goal from the pop up is for our younger generations to have a feel of how a Filipino home was decorated with 1st generation immigrants from the Philippines, and at the same time learn about our Philippine roots and culture. We sourced many items from our parents, friends, and relatives. At the same time the walls are also adorned with local artwork from Filipino artists in the city, from the Lechon skateboard to the fighting roosters.

A huge part of the Tiki bar is of course the food and drink. The island’s theme menu changes every 2 weeks and blends Filipino and other island flavors with our modern twists. Chef Eejay Chua (Manila Nights, Chikin Joint and Bahay Kubo Tiki bar) is responsible for all the delicious food creations. Influence from the Philippines and countries from the Pacific can be found in dishes such as lumpia, mochiko chicken and the spam fries.

Our tiki drink menu is curated by Nathan Penales (Bees knees bartending service, Manila nights and Bahay Kubo Tiki Bar). Nathan pulls inspiration from his island roots from the Philippines while utilizing local products and fresh ingredients. “It was a challenge at first trying to create drinks without alcohol. Everything has to be much more with the assumption that drinks are made of just juice in order to compete against alcoholic beverages.” says Nathan Penales. The Tiki drink specials change every 2-3 weeks. Our most popular drink to date is the “Calamansi Pina Colada with Coconut, condensed milk popsikel”.

From the reception of the guests we aim to pop up again in 2022 and hopefully look for a brick and mortar for the Bahay Kubo tiki bar. It’s a great way to sneak in a little culture and at the same time having people from all cultures and places have a little glimpse of some past and present that makes up our FIlipino community in Winnipeg. Until then we have a few seats left for our remaining pop up dinner dates and will be offering in home and event tiki catering soon. for info Follow our instagram @bahaykubotikibar or Email us at

Photos supplied by Gino Castillo | Visuals by gino