(Aton Ini) Tribu Hiligaynon Unveiled to Unite Winnipeg’s Largest Visayan Ethnic Subgroup

In a significant step towards fostering unity and preserving cultural heritage, (Aton Ini) Tribu Hiligaynon has recently emerged as a unifying force for the Ilonggo community in Winnipeg. Representing the largest Visayan ethnic subgroup, this initiative comes to life after months of meticulous planning and coordination.

The guiding force behind (Aton Ini) Tribu Hiligaynon includes administrators such as Nonoy Eman, Mang Johnny Ortizo, and Toto Sarmento. It comprises dedicated committee officers—Cielo Casumpang, Sheena Cadiz, Zack Cadiz, Meloy Guzman, Rhiz Aco, Jovy Luntao, Cristina Mapuyan, and Ma-Mhar Gayula.

Beyond cultural unity, (Aton Ini) Tribu Hiligaynon is committed to making a positive impact. Fundraising events are on the horizon, geared towards supporting those in need, particularly the street children in their hometowns.

Hiligaynon, synonymous with Ilonggo or Panayaon, encapsulates both language and culture, representing the vibrant identity of the Ilonggo people. As the second-largest subgroup of the Visayan ethnic group, originating from Iloilo, Panay Island, and Western Visayas, (Aton Ini) Tribu Hiligaynon stands as a testament to the rich heritage and collective strength of Winnipeg’s Ilonggo community.

Photos by Toto Sarmento