204 Neighbourhood Watch heads for spring cleaning of parks and playgrounds

204 Neighbourhood Watch heads for spring cleaning of parks and playgrounds

Spring has sprung and the truth to the matter, is the best time to the clean the parks and the playgrounds and at the same time, to recover some needles, separate plastic bottles from condoms, and other tasks to make the surrounding clean and livable. And the 204 Neighbourhood Watch is on the run to focus on the spring cleaning tasks.

“A productive evening last Thursdy, we found and removed a lot of used condoms and baggies from the Valour Community Centre park and playground. We thank our patroller Pastor James Castronuevo for officially opening the Mabuhay Baptist Church as one of the 204 Neighbourhood Watch quarters we need a venue at the West End,” says Leila Castro, head of the group.

Another highlight of the evening is the Climacosa brothers, Rommel and Rhodel (owners of Climacosa Services and business owner at AIM World Rhodel is also an active 204 Neighbourhood Watch patroller) handing to us their $2,000 dollar donations. This fund will be used as 204NW helps more neighbourhoods set up of their own patrolling group, and for various safety initiatives and projects of the group. Thank you, Rommel and Rhodel.

We also thank Bakerite for providing the weekly patroller snacks.

By Wednesday, April 3rd, 204 Neighbourhood Watch will be joining the Wolseley Watch in its launch of spring patrolling. 204 Neighbourhood Watch mentored Wolseley Watch and helped them with patrolling logistics.